Permit Expediting
Steadfast Development’s in house expediting department offer complete building permit, construction permit and entitlement services for retailers, developers, owners, and architects nationwide.  We procure building permits faster by simplifying the difficult and complicated building permit process. Our experts are local to your area, so we know the people and procedures that get your projects approved.

Our expert team of expediters can handle all of the submittals and paperwork while coordinating between city, county, and local government bodies.  We have a clear understanding of the building code; permit fees and project requirements specific to each jurisdiction, which prevents those common delays in getting your projects approved.

Our experience enables us to personally contact appropriate project members when crucial information is needed. This proactive approach to expediting building permits ensures proper documents are filed on time throughout the construction process. It also eliminates costly and time-consuming trips to the respective municipality. We assume the responsibility of achieving your permitting needs to simplify your involvement in the approval process.

One of the most important and mostly overlooked duties of the expediter is the follow up on all final sign offs with the respective agencies. A typical NYC sign off would involve sprinkler, fire alarm, plumbing, HVAC and building to name a few. We do continual follow up with the agencies involved to ensure that the permit process is completed within the timeline promised as part of our expediting package.